Custom Software Development Services

NWS offers custom software development to tackle your technical challenges. We assemble the perfect team to deliver high-quality solutions that adapt to your needs. Schedule a call to learn more.

Why Do You Need Custom Software Development Solutions?

Custom software is the key when your business success relies on efficient internal processes. It enables you to:

Rapid Change Management:

Evolve with ease! Custom software lets you adapt existing features and swiftly add new ones as your workflow needs change. This agility ensures you stay ahead of the curve.


Long-term savings are within reach. You only pay for the features your business needs, eliminating unnecessary costs associated with off-the-shelf software.

Sustainable Transformations:

Custom software simplifies maintaining best practices. Since the software is built with your specific needs in mind, upholding implementation rigor becomes effortless.

Enhanced Security:

Peace of mind comes standard. Custom software grants you complete control over your internal data and processes. Additionally, it's built with your specific security concerns in mind, minimizing vulnerabilities.

Agile Development Process

MVP Ready within 2 Months

Scalable & High-Performance Architcture

Our Services

Partner with a Top Custom Software Development Company

We offer result-driven custom software development services that meet the specific requirements of small, mid-size and enterprise-level businesses. We partner with you from concept to launch, ensuring confidentiality and transparency throughout the process. Our team of skilled developers crafts flawless software solutions, including product development, testing, and design.

Custom API Development

NWS is amongst the top application development companies with excellent API integration services to offer. You can connect with your customers or vendors hasslefree using the customized development solutions provided by our expert software developers.

Enterprise Software Development

Develop next-gen enterprise level software solutions with us to scale, automate and optimize your business processes. We effectively digitize your business with smooth API integration and latest legacy systems to ensure creation of robust and secure custom software solutions.

Software Consulting Services

We offer a team of experts that assist in developing software solutions that are cutting-edge and market ready. Our software consultants help you finalize the most user friendly custom software design that accelerate your growth and empower your business multifold.

Software Product Development

NWS is among the top software product development companies that offers comprehensive product development services to produce stable, engaging, cost-friendly as well as high quality software products.

Software Integration Services

We help integrate the best software technology into your business with the help of our expert software developers. Our software services ensure correct implementation of techniques and overcoming integration challenges.

Custom web application development

We offer end to end custom web development services for your business maximizing proficiency. NWS being a web development company ensures delivery of holistic web solutions that are designed for the specific business needs.

Cloud Application Development

Create scalable and secure cloud applications with our software services company. Our software developers will ensure smooth deployment of applications and websites on cloud. We have a range of cloud computing strategies that help you build a scalable and flexible system.

Legacy Software Modernization

Revitalize your legacy solution with our expert assistance. Our software development team helps in improving the technical architecture, migrating to the latest platforms, enhancing the user experience, making it device-agnostic, and ensuring compliance with current security standards.

FinTech Application Development

NWS developers possess practical experience specifically tailored to the needs of brokers. Our solutions can gather financial data through APIs about bank accounts, digital assets (shares, crypto, etc.), owned/mortgaged properties, and vehicle valuations supported with client insights for informed decision-making.

Our Software Development Process

Providing initial assessment

After you send a request to our custom software development company, our team gets in touch with you to discuss project details and make an initial assessment.

Discovering your project and creating a roadmap

The team goes through all essential project details, clarifies unclear points, and lays out a roadmap and scope of provided custom software development services.

Implementing the roadmap

The team members work Agile providing deliverables every two weeks. When the software is ready, they launch it on a live server and/or publish in app stores.

Analyzing performance

The team helps you evaluate results and decide on a further development direction.

Maintaining, improving, and expanding

The team optimizes app performance, provides required security updates, and adds functionality end users want.

Do you want to Improve Business Efficiency?

Let’s bring your system to the next level with NWS uncompromised custom software development services.

Why Choose New World's Solution as your Custom Software Solutions Partner

Unique approach to each new project

NWS developers treat each new project with the beginner’s mind to provide the best solution to the client needs.

Focus on value

We prioritize the scope of custom software development services based on the provided value. If you change your strategy, we refocus on what is now important.

Fast-paced deliveries

Our teams work in two-week Sprints. You test the results immediately. Using acquired best practices and know-how enables us to deliver up to 30% faster.

Cost-savvy development processes

The IT Craft teams have built internal frameworks, which let us boost development and save up to 50% of the development budget in the initial stages.

Have Software Development Challenge to Address?

Are you searching for uncompromised, custom web development services?

Tech Stack

Our Developers Tech stack for Custom Software Development




PM Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Still, have a few doubts in your mind? Read the following questions our clients and prospects ask us frequently.

Custom software development services focus on building and maintaining solutions that meet special business needs.

Usually, a custom software development firm helps you produce features that are unavailable in off-the-shelf software or cost too high to implement.

Custom software development services include:

Software architecture
UX/UI design
Code development
QA and testing
Software administration and updates
Scaling and optimization

Here are the main reasons to choose custom software development services:

  • Companies get specific functionality that is tailored to unique needs and challenges.
  • They are better prepared for the future and can adapt to a rapidly changing environment.
  • There is a high level of control over security and data protection activities.

A custom software development agency can be a company’s helping hand in optimizing development workflow and delivering required features.

With a custom software application for your business that is tailored to your requirements, your business can profit manifold. This software is built to ensure that all the crucial and cumbersome processes are automated to relieve your resources. In turn, these resources can be used for other important tasks. Apart from the benefits of automation, a business can also save on extra integration and licensing costs. Custom software solutions replace your existing solutions to boost productivity and thereby provides you an edge over your competitors.

Costs of custom software development services vary from $5,000 for a simple prototype to $600,000 and higher for a large, fully-featured ERP system.

Time and material is more beneficial for custom software development services because it lets developers better handle unforeseen challenges.

Still, fixed-priced cooperation is also possible upon a comprehensive project discovery when the project scope remains unchanged.

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